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There are 3 main ways to get BIOTEKT pannel kits at discounted prices:

1. First BIOTEKT house or project in any authorizing municipality in 2019 will attract deep discounts

2. On-Sale pannel kits as listed

3. Multiple unit orders

  1. First Unit of BIOTEKT houses in an authorizing municipality carries deep discounts as an incentive. Contact Us for further information.

  2. Our promise: We will have one model pannel kit ON SALE at any moment! If, for any reason we don’t display a model pannels, you may choose any model from our list and get the discounted price at the next number level discount for multiple units, as per the information below. I.e. if you choose to buy pannels for one model, you will get the listed discount as if you are buying 2 units; if you buy 2 units, you will get the listed discount for 3 and so on…

  3. Multiple unit orders will get the following discounts:

2 units per order: 5% discount on the total price for 2 units
3-4 units per order: 7.5% discount  on the total price for all units
5-9 units per order: 10% discount on the total price for all units
10-14 units per order: 15% discount on the total price for all units
15+ units – Contact Us

For LARGER PROJECTS – Residential Community Developments, Commercial Developments, Camping Facilities, Theme Parks, etc., Contact Us

There is a wide variety of deals we can offer within reasonable terms. Contact Us if you feel we can help in finding pricing solutions that will fit your needs and we could work together for your viable project.

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