Would a BIOTEKT home be practical in a Canadian winter?
Yes, a BIOTEKT house will need to be locally designed to meet the code requirements; among other requirements, the thermal insulation required to protect against the cool Canadian winter temperature will be specified in this local design.
Do BIOTEKT homes require special building permits?
BIOTEKT homes require regular permitting. A local professional will conduct and obtain all information required to get the permits, where BIOTEKT structures meet the permitting criteria. Each municipality has certain criteria for permitting; these must be followed to obtain the proper building permit. 
How are BIOTEKT homes connected to the grid and all utilities?
BIOTEKT houses connect to grid and get connected to all utilities like any other house.
Is it possible to build BIOTEKT homes which are off the grid?
Yes, BIOTEKT houses can be built off the grid, using specific technical solutions to adapt to the local specific conditions.
How does the cost of a building a BIOTEKT home compare to the cost of buying a suburban home in a city?
Local costs vary from community to community, from country to country. We can provide accurate pricing for the panels and estimates for the cost of transportation to the site and installation of panels. Further than that, we assume all other costs depending on the cost of materials and labor that are sourced locally. Therefore we encourage the owner to employ the services of a local professional to handle all aspects of design, construction for a successful project.
What is the warranty on the home?
We offer 20 years warranty for the quality and integrity of the materials and against manufacturing defects when the installation is done following the manufacturer’s installation instructions. We also offer 5 or 10 years (depending on specific local factors) structural warranty when all construction requirements are met, the installation of panels and al other components follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Where are there existing BIOTEKT homes in North America?
There are BIOTEKT projects at different stages in North America or other continents.

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