013 MANGO II – 125 Sq M


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The DEPOSIT represents the cost of initial settings, customer registration, the preliminary design of your ideal property, writing a specific final agreement that will stand for fabrication of panels, establishing transportation details, assessing and assisting to construction details. This deposit is not lost, it will be deducted from the final payment required. Once the deposit is received, we’ll start the detail design to prepare for the actual ordering, fabrication and delivery.

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MANGO II – 125 Sq M

Panels for a BIOTEKT house with 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Living and Dining. Price includes all panels; Specialized fasteners for panel to panel and panel to concrete slab are not included. Transportation cost varies greatly depending on destination – to be estimated at the time of purchase, based on current market conditions, after the first deposit. After the first deposit is paid through this web page, or at your choice by our sales / technical team will work and guide you from ordering through fabrication, transportation, delivery, installation, and will provide the know how for finishing your house. Duty, sales or other local or national applicable taxes and fees are not included.


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